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Rashmi Chaudhary
October 24, 2009, 7 am
Hi Siddhi,
I think yesterday night I was talking to you. Thank you so much. I could sleep so well… I don’t know when I slept.
Healing Partners

We are the team of dedicated individuals who have experienced tremendous personal transformation in our personal and professional lives through understanding the intircacies of mind. We firmly believe that our mind is a manifestor of our universe. In order to bring about the changes in our universe, we need to bring about the changes in the way we think, We show you some of the simple measures to do so. You help yourselves with very well illustrated information, take advantage of highly interactive healing webtool, purchase a suitable book or a product to enhance the quality of your life or go for workshop or individual consultation

The resource person behind this web-site is Dr. Neeta Yuvraj, who is the director of Omnipresence Academy Of LIfe.

and her team of expert therapists/coaches/trainers and workshop leaders.

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Registered Office:
A 001, Parimal Park, 
Hari Om Nagar, Off Eastern
Express Highway, Mulund E,
Mumbai - 400 081.
Phone No.
+91 - 22 - 25327478

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