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Rashmi Chaudhary
October 24, 2009, 7 am
Hi Siddhi,
I think yesterday night I was talking to you. Thank you so much. I could sleep so well… I don’t know when I slept.
Healing Partners

Your subconscious mind has a tendency to silently punish if you harbor guilt of any nature. It is important that you learn to forgive yourself.

Guilt of Masturbation

It is natural to have sexual desires. In the absence of the ability to find or have a partner who can gratify your desires, you may involve yourself in the process of self gratification which is normal and natural in most cases. It is needless to forgive yourself for doing so because it is not a crime. Still if there is an emotional backlog relating to masturbation, do a self-forgiveness meditation. You can shift your paradigm towards the act. Do it with love, compassion and in a non judgmental manner and at the same time open up yourself to a healthy, harmonious relationship that can provide you deep satisfaction in all spheres of life including your sex life.

Of Betraying Someone

Choosing to be in pain does not help the betrayed ones to be free from their pain in any case. You may find it difficult to give yourself and enjoy yourself 100% because of your incompletion with another relationship. Complete your relationship with your past in your own mind. Forgive yourself for choosing to be happy. If you let your past guilt ruin your current relationship, you will unnecessarily regret this in the future. I forgive myself for following my inner voice.

Guilt of Getting Continuous Thoughts About Sex

Mind gravitates naturally towards what you resist. The more you resist sexual thoughts, the more they persist. Rather than trying to run away from them, acknowledge them and move beyond them to life enhancing attributes and qualities. You could also be trying to fill up some deep emotional void within, with thoughts and acts of sex. I totally love and accept various facets of my life.

The child in you is perhaps rebelling against the parent in you. Heal this inner conflict. Healing the subconscious mind could also help. I encourage the child in me to constructively respond to the concerns of the parent figure in me.

Guilt of Non Performance

Are you sure your partner really wants you to perform? Some time you are merely reciprocating to the needs of your partner. Some times learning to overcome the critical / judgmental nature of the partner could be a very productive exercise but before that you need to free your self from self-criticism and self judgment. I constructively reciprocate to the need of my partner. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

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