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Rashmi Chaudhary
October 24, 2009, 7 am
Hi Siddhi,
I think yesterday night I was talking to you. Thank you so much. I could sleep so well… I don’t know when I slept.
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Indicators of foreign energies in your system

  • Feeling tired when waking up.
  • Uncontrollable incessant thoughts contradicting with each other.
  • Acting out of impulse and not knowing why you did the act
  • Unusual cravings and aversions that you have never felt before.
  • Sudden and massive changes in desire / eating patterns. 
  • Irrational short bouts of anger
  • Unknown unexplainable aches and pains.
  • I saw myself in the mirror and felt “This is not me.”
  • Tendency to sabotage your own interest/growth
  • Being accident prone
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hearing voices.
These symptoms are not diagnostic but indicative of the possibility of the presence of a foreign energy. These can be verified by consulting a regression therapist and talking to your subconscious mind using various techniques.
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