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Rashmi Chaudhary
October 24, 2009, 7 am
Hi Siddhi,
I think yesterday night I was talking to you. Thank you so much. I could sleep so well… I don’t know when I slept.
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Why Do I Find it Difficult to Meditate?

Everyone on this planet strives to remain in this state but some feel scared that if they do so, they will loose touch with the material realm. However a true meditation practitioner could be in the middle of this chaotic world and still remain in a meditative space.
Some feel that it is meant only for retired people, frustrated housewives and jobless individuals. Again, this is not true. Studies have proved time and again that students, who meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, perform exceptionally well. This holds true for busy modern men and women who are juggling between their personal and professional life.

There are some who feel that they don’t have enough time to meditate. Again, let us look at this in a different perspective. We always find time for something that we feel is important to us. When we meditate, we need much less time to sleep and rest. We spend lesser time in creating, and after that, sorting out issues that we create out of a confused state of mind. Most people tend to become very intuitive with regular practice of meditation. Their sixth sense helps them to avoid many mishaps and keep them on a right path leading to the chosen outcome.

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